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2. Bachelors Degree – The Science of 100% Pure Essential Oils (1000 Points)

Learn the entire process of producing the highest quality 100% pure essential oils which includes growing, harvesting, extracting the oil, testing, and bottling. Watch 3 videos and complete 3 quizzes to earn your Bachelor Degree from The Oil University. (Estimated Time To Complete: 25 Minutes – Earns 1000 Loyalty Points with approximate value of 1 […]


3. Master Degree – Ingestion and Oil Blends Study (2000 Points)

Learn about ingesting essential oils and the differences and benefits of using single oils, blended oils, and oil infused products. Study Jade Bloom’s blends and become an expert on what each blend is formulated to accomplish. Watch 2 videos, complete 5 in-depth study courses, and complete 7 quizzes to earn your Masters Degree from The […]

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