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Welcome to our main launch page!  Scroll down to start or continue the courses now and receive points instantly with each completed course (8000 available).

This is where your journey into natural healing and knowledge begins.  You may have enrolled in our courses for free products and that’s great, but if you’re like tens of thousands of other students that have completed the courses, you will soon discover that you stay and continue your learning for your health.   From here you can keep track of your course progress and course grades.  You can launch any unit from any course and pick up where you left off; move at your own pace.

Once you have completed a course with 100% accuracy (unlimited quiz retakes and we give you the answers to the ones you missed :), the points for free products will instantly and automatically be added to your account after each course completion.

You can check your point balance by logging in with your account at JadeBloom.com.  Each unique household may earn up to 8000 points equivalent to $32 of free products at JadeBloom.com (duplicate account owners will forfeit points on both accounts).  The above image shows a few examples of products you can redeem for free with your points.

You may spend your points on more than 700 all-natural products, 100% pure essential oils, and accessories.  There are no restrictions or limits on which products you can pick from and shipping is free when you spend at least $35 of your points in one order.  Currently 92% of all Jade Bloom graduates make subsequent purchases and we want you to absolutely love the products you choose to purchase.

Welcome to the Jade Bloom Family.  Here’s to your Health, Healing, & Happiness® ❤️

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