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We empower people with the knowledge to live healthy lifestyles through 100% pure essential oils. Enrollment is free and you earn up to $32 of essential oils and 100% natural products as you complete the courses.

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Oil Education

Free educational courses by Jade Bloom University.  Graduate through our Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.

Videos & Quizzes

Fun and effective learning through our series of videos and quizzes.


As you progress in your knowledge in healing and health with essential oils, you will earn FREE 100% pure essential oils by Jade Bloom.


A company founded by a group of naturalists that believe mother nature provides everything we need for our healing, health, and happiness. Jade Bloom’s mission is to provide the highest quality 100% pure essential oils at the lowest possible prices.

  • Associate Degree

    This is a great place to start learning about essential oils with a 3 1/2 minute video introduction to essential oils and a little more about Jade Bloom.  You can graduate from this course in 15 minutes and earn your first 500 loyalty points.

  • Bachelor Degree

    In this course you’ll learn about how essential oils are extracted, how raw ingredients are grown and harvested, and how oils are tested for purity.  You can graduate from this course in as little as 25 minutes and earn 1000 loyalty points.

  • Master Degree

    This higher level learning course discusses the pros and cons of ingesting essential oils, the difference between blends and infused oil products, and the specific benefits offered from formulated blends by Jade Bloom.  You can graduate from this course in as little as an hour and earn 2000 loyalty points.

  • Doctorate Degree

    Once you’re ready to become a walking essential oil encyclopedia we encourage you to find a couple of hours to dedicate to complete this course.  You will become an expert in how to use over 100 different essential oils for health, healing, and happiness.  You will earn 4000 loyalty points from Jade Bloom once you complete this course giving you up to 6 free bottles of 100% pure essential oil.

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